Pivotel praises partner Iridium on the seventh successful launch of the NEXT satellite constellation

Iridium Communications Inc. announced today that SpaceX successfully completed the seventh launch of the Iridium NEXT satellite constellation set to bring uncompromised coverage and multi-service capabilities to the most remote locations across the planet.

Iridium’s successful launch has increased the total number of NEXT satellites in space from 55 to 65.  While a further launch of additional satellites is required to fully complete the constellation, the existing 65 satellites will secure the high availability of the Iridium service until well into the 2030s, according to Pivotel’s Chief Executive Peter Bolger.

“The success of the latest launch delivers a major confidence boost to Pivotel’s 10s of thousands of customers across Australia and New Zealand who depend on the Iridium service and are keenly awaiting the launch of the new services that will available over the Iridium Next constellation,” Mr Bolger said.

“The new service platform is groundbreaking for remote Australia and we believe that regional Australians will be among those to benefit the most, with the constellation expected to provide cost effective high-speed mobile data services to enterprise, government and individuals located in the bush.

“Our Australian and New Zealand customers have long wanted a true mobile satellite data service that supports their personal and professional data connectivity needs while on the move in their vehicles.”

Pivotel expects to launch the Iridium Certus service later this year will be a game changer for organisations such as emergency service providers who have been waiting for a service that delivers data speeds of up to 350kbps with relatively small form factor antennas to all parts of the country well beyond the reach of the mobile networks.

“Every year we hear of the struggles emergency service providers face when they move outside of mobile coverage or the mobile networks are damaged by wind, fire or floods. Iridium Certus will deliver to rural Australians and New Zealanders the kind of mobile data service most of us now take for granted and Iridium should be applauded for their vision in developing Certus.”

Pivotel uses the Iridium network to connect some of their most popular products including the Iridium Extreme®, Iridium 9555 and Iridium Go!