Australia’s first custom-built mobile network designed for the agricultural industry

Australia’s first custom-built mobile network designed for the agricultural industry

Leading Australian mobile satellite solutions company, Pivotel, recently launched ecoSphere® by Pivotel, an Australian-first purpose-built network for voice, data and M2M connections, delivering cost effective coverage for rural and remote Australia, offering targeted mobile reception and internet access for Aussie farmers.

With a mix of 4G and satellite connectivity, ecoSphere® by Pivotel offers secure voice, data, video, tracking and monitoring solutions for on-site and remote assets and personnel to maximise safety and operational efficiency – saving the agricultural industry valuable time and money.

Pivotel Group CEO Peter Bolger said the purpose-built mobile network has created an entirely new offering for Australians, allowing farmers to make calls, access the industrial internet and monitor assets from all parts of their properties.

“Australian farmers have long lived with inadequate voice and data services, largely ignored by the telecommunications giants, and now at risk of being left behind as the industrial internet gets sets to deliver enormous productivity gains to the cities, so it’s with great pride that we have developed a solution to help these businesses compete with their metropolitan and international counterparts,” Mr Bolger said.

“Pivotel Group is one of only four licensed mobile network carriers operating in Australia, and understands the struggles that come with living, working and communicating in remote Australia.”

ecoSphere® supports high speed data for applications such as video surveillance while offering extensive capacity for monitoring the status of other remote equipment including pumps, tanks, gates, livestock, environmental conditions or remote machinery on farms.

ecoSphere®’s high availability network and on-site 4G core design ensures maximum service uptime even when connectivity back to the metropolitan hubs is lost. It also provides a secure network solution for IoT applications using static IP address and the on-site 4G core.

Mr Bolger believes Pivotel has developed a highly affordable system and service that stands apart from other mobile carriers thanks to the company’s expertise and unique network design.

“As industries strive for increased efficiencies in order to remain competitive, the capture, analysis, and sharing of data has become increasingly important. The agricultural industry is no exception, but with it there is the additional challenge of how to cost effectively achieve data communications to the remote areas of Australia,” Mr Bolger said.

“By redesigning the functionality of tracking, monitoring and control technology, farmers can process data on-site, allowing users to manage and control water and machinery, check soil for optimal growing conditions and monitor personnel for safety. Immediately, farmers will see improved productivity and efficiencies, and reduced labour and operating costs.”

ecoSphere® by Pivotel will mean significant savings for the agricultural industry with the cost of wireless coverage starting from less than 10 cents per acre, per month, allowing farmers to deploy hundreds of sensors to monitor and control water, soil conditions, personnel, assets, livestock and more.

The development of the innovative ecoSphere® technology has attracted significant industry interest and has recently paved the way for Pivotel’s funding from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development to improve connectivity to agricultural land in Western Australia.

Pivotel is working collaboratively with state government, local councils, growers’ groups, farmers and suppliers to help enable Australian farmers to adopt new farming technologies and systems that will improve their knowledge and capability of technology, farming practices and machinery to help increase their overall competitiveness.

“In the next 12 months we’re aiming to have up to 50 digital farms in the Wickepin and Mount Barker region fully operational with innovative ecoSphere technology,” Mr Bolger said. “It’s a huge job in these remote areas, but Pivotel are up to the task and is dedicated to setting up a system for our forgotten Aussie farmers that not only increases business efficiencies on their properties now, but establishes a system with capabilities well into the future.”