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Keeping you connected.

Pivotel is Australian owned and operated with unrivalled expertise in remote communications, supporting more than 80,000 Australians and New Zealanders who travel or operate outside of mobile coverage.

Pivotel is the only mobile carrier in Australia focused on mobile satellite services, providing reliable and secure satellite and cellular communication solutions.

As a licensed carrier, Pivotel is fully compliant with all Australian and New Zealand regulatory obligations.

How Pivotel keeps you connected.

Pivotel maintains a mobile carrier license and operates ground infrastructure in Australia, making it the fourth largest mobile carrier in the country. It is the only Australian carrier with direct connection to all four major mobile satellite networks: Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya and Globalstar. Pivotel is a registered satellite service provider in New Zealand.

The company’s suite of satellite and mobile technologies enable remote connectivity via satellite phones, satellite data modems, personnel and asset trackers, docking kits, machine to machine data terminals and specialist maritime communication.

Pivotel Group’s 4G mobile network, EcoSphere®, extends its carrier network to deliver complementary terrestrial wireless services to rural and remote Australians.

Pivotel is an Australian owned and operated mobile satellite communications company

Pivotel’s head office and customer care operations are on the Gold Coast, with offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Dubbo, Wellington, Auckland, Indonesia and the USA.

Pivotel provides local customer support through our experienced network of engineers, application developers, customer care team and over 200 dealers.

Operating in the satellite voice, data and lone worker safety markets since 2003

Pivotel’s satellite ground network and status as a licensed carrier enables services to be provided with unique benefits like Australian mobile numbers, free test call services, and cost control tools for voice and data services, including usage alerts, restricted dialling lists, and IP blacklisting.

These unique features are the envy of the mobile satellite world and help to deliver greater value, increase simplicity and peace of mind.

Investing in remote communications research and development

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Pivotel has remote communications solutions to keep everyone and everything connected, no matter where they are, and we continue to invest in new technologies and R&D to provide new and better solutions.

Pivotel has developed Tracertrak® as a leading remote personnel safety and asset monitoring service. Tracertrak® helps you to ensure the safety of company staff and the productivity and efficiency of remote assets while they move around outside of mobile coverage areas.

Pivotel is also developing affordable dual mode cellular and satellite terminals for the maritime market to help more people stay connected while at sea.

Pivotel’s ecoSphere® solution is an innovative low-cost purpose-built cellular network to bring the digital economy and IoT to the bush. Using innovative small cell technology and a unique network architecture ecoSphere® can cost effectively delivery wide area cellular and IoT coverage to mining, agriculture and pastoral properties using satellite or terrestrial backhaul complemented by satellite point to point IOT and high-speed data services.