Globalstar GSP-1600 Troubleshooting

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Phone does not turn on.

  • Hold power button for more than one second
  • Make sure battery is fully charged
  • Ensure battery is attached securely and is not loose


Battery draining quickly.

  • Check that your Globalstar satellite antenna is pointing straight up and has clear view of the sky (note: if the phone is in satellite only mode and the antenna is not pointing to the sky the handset will continuously search for satellite unsuccessfully and this will drain battery life)
  • Set back light option to off
  • Consider replacing the battery if the battery is several years old
  •    Check the battery temperature. If it is too warm or too cold, battery life is decreased (See GSP1600 Specifications >Operating Temperature)


Problems charging the battery.

  • Install only Qualcomm Batteries
  • If the battery does not charge at first, remove the charger plug from the base of the phone, wait ten seconds, and then try again
  • Consider replacing the battery if the battery is several years old
  • Check the base connector on the handset, make sure that there are no bent or missing pins in the base connector


Unable to make a call in satellite mode.

  • Check network availability, ensuring that you have the small D with the satellite wings in the top left corner of the screen, the bars of reception icon, the word Globalstar on screen and small letter “i” icon on the right side of the screen
  • Make sure the antenna is rotated/ extended
  • Ensure that the correct service mode is selected


Problems receiving calls.

  • Check that the phone is on
  • Check that the ring tone is loud enough to be heard
  • Rotate and fully extend the antenna
  • Ensure that the Satellite antenna has a clear view of the sky
  • Check signal strength


Losing or dropping calls.

  • In Globalstar Satellite mode, ensure that the antenna is pointed directly towards the sky and that the area surrounding the user is free from any possible obstructions to the Satellite.


The keypad isn’t working.

  • Make sure the GSP1600 keypad is not locked. The keypad is locked after holding down the End key for a few seconds. To unlock the keypad press 1, 2, 3.