Pivotel Thuraya Contract Asia Plans


Pivotel’s Thuraya Contract Asia IP data plans offer the included data you need to stay connected on the go, at a great price within Australia and Asia only. These plans offer included data to be used in the following countries, data used in all other countries will be charged at $5.00 per MB.

Country Country Country Country
Andaman Sea Arafura Sea Australia Banda Sea
Bangladesh Bay of Bengal Bhutan Bo Hai
Brunei Darussalam Cambodia Celebes Sea China
Coral Sea Coral Sea Islands East China Sea (Dong Hai) East Timor
Federal State of Micronesia Fiji Flores Sea Guam
Gulf of Thailand India Indian Ocean Indonesia
Japan Japan EEZ Java Sea Kiribati
Korea Bay Korea Strait Korea, North Laos
Makassar Strait Malaysia Maldives Marshall Islands
Makassar Strait Malaysia Maldives Marshall Islands
Mongolia Myanmar Nepal New Caledonia
Northern Mariana Islands Pacific Ocean Palau Papua New Guinea
Paracel Islands Philippines Republic of Korea Russian Federation
Sea of Japan Selat Karimata Singapore Solomon Island
South China Sea Spratly Islands Sri Lanka Strait of Malacca
Sulu Sea Taiwan Taiwan Strait Thailand
Timor Sea Vanuatu Vietnam Yellow Sea (Huang Hai)

If you have any questions about your Thuraya data plan coverage or your included data, please call Customer Care on 1800 882 448.