Thuraya IP FAQs

Thuraya IP FAQs

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Do I have to install any software on my PC before connecting Thuraya IP?

Thuraya IP is a true plug and play device. The browser on your PC should support Java. (Java plug-in required on PC for terminal control

What are the supported Operating Systems?

  • Windows: NT 4.0, 98 second ed., 2000, ME, XP, Vista and Win 7.
  • Macintosh: OS 10.1 or later
  • Linux: Redhat 9

What are the supported browsers?

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later for Windows, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later for MAC Netscape Communicator 7 or later, Macintosh Safari 1.2 or later, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later.

What is the duration the battery will last when the terminal is continuously in use?

1 hour when continuously transmitting at maximum speed.

2.5 hours continuous reception at the highest speed.

What is the stand-by time for the battery?

36 hours.

GPS Fix taking a long time. What shall I do?

Power cycle the terminal and retry under clear sky with no obstructions. If the problem still occurs, change your location by 100m or more.

How do I connect my PC / Notebook with Thuraya IP terminal?

Your ThurayaIP terminal comes with the Ethernet Cable and USB Cable. You can connect your PC / Notebook with Thuraya IP terminal by using Ethernet Cable or USB Cable or WiFi.

Error code 16 is displayed on the home page of the IP and the terminal is not working as the unit shows a message “disconnected”. What is the solution for this issue?

This error is related to the SIM card profile. Please check with Customer Care to ensure that the required services/APN are enabled. Also make sure that the correct STREAMING APN is used on the wMMI.

I keep getting the GPS acquiring status and then I’m disconnected. What should I do?

Power cycle the terminal and try again. If problem persists, please move the unit to an open area so that it has an open view of the sky so that it can update its GPS location. If the above fails then, please contact customer care.

Can I use voice on Thuraya IP?

Thuraya IP does not support Circuit Switched Voice. However, since it is a pure IP terminal, any VOIP application can be used on this to support voice.

Do I need a firewall on my computer or does Thuraya IP have a firewall?

You should use your own firewalls.

Can I block users from accessing some websites and stop the pop-ups from the unit?

No, this cannot be done from the unit, but it can be done using the firewalls on the local network.

If I have 10 simultaneous users, do they equally share the bandwidth available?

No, the bandwidth available to each user depends on the application used by the user and the amount of data exchanged by that user. The higher the amount of data being pushed/pulled, the higher the bandwidth available for that user.

If the terminal is disconnected and I am downloading a file, will it resume the download from the point it stopped?

In general no, but it is subject to the application you have used to download the file.

Which antennas are available with Thuraya IP?

There are multiple antennas that have been approved by Thuraya for use with Thuraya IP. These are:


  • Portable: Light weight, small and portable flat panel antenna for land mobile applications.
  • Fixed: Relatively bigger flat panel antenna for land fixed use.
  • Vehicular: Vehicle mounted 2-axis tracking antenna for use on any type of vehicle.
  • Active: Portable active antenna for high end quality applications.


3-axis stabilized tracking antenna for use on any type of maritime vessel. For details, please visit Satellite Broadband Antennas

What is the standard cable length that comes with these antennas?

The antennas come with different cable lengths:

  • EA 1426: 10 mt LMR 400
  • EA 1535: 0.25 mt LMR 100A
  • Spacecom Maritime: 15 mt LMR 400
  • Spacecom Vehicle: 4 mt LMR 400
  • SCAN Active: 6 mt to 30 mt with different cable types

Can I use Thuraya IP on a vessel at sea?

Yes, by using Thuraya IP with a Spacecom 3D maritime antenna approved by Thuraya.

Can I use Thuraya IP in a moving vehicle?

Yes, by using Thuraya IP with a Spacecom 2D vehicle antenna approved by Thuraya.