Thuraya SF2500 FAQs

Thuraya SF2500 FAQs

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How can I upgrade the base terminal firmware?

The base terminal firmware can be upgraded via the RS232 port. Please download the latest firmware from the manufacturer website and refer to the Base Terminal Firmware Upgrade Procedure document for more information.

Inside the call log, why am I getting time offset for all the call history?

You need to manually configure your time zone in order to get an accurate call log. You can go to settings >> Local time zone to adjust your time zone. The default timezone is UTC+8.

How can I protect the confidential configurations (e.g. GPS reporting, alarm, geo-fencing settings, etc)?

You can enable password protection for these confidential configurations. It is under security settings >> authentication in the menu.

Once it is enabled, user needs password to access the following menus, settings >> GPS reporting, settings >> alarm, settings >> geo-fencing.

The default password is 0000.

Does SF2500 support Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS)?

It is not GMDSS compliant. However, it does support an alert function.

What is the alert functionality that SF2500 supports?

There is a yellow alert button on the terminal. When it is pressed and held for 5 seconds, a pre-defined message to pre-configured contacts will be sent via SMS.

How can I configure the alert functionality of SF2500?

SF2500 supports alert via SMS.

Enable the distress alert function under settings >> alert reporting >> panic button >> internal. Fill in up to 3 Emergency contacts under settings >> alarm reporting >> panic button >> emergency num.

Configure the emergency text under settings >> alarm reporting >> panic button >> emergency text, which will be sent out together with the GPS information to the emergency contacts.

What will happen if the alert button is pressed multiple times?

Multiple alerts will be sent.