XT-PRO and XT Data Usage


Understanding Mobile Satellite Data

Before you enable data on your device, it is important that you understand how mobile satellite data works. The information below explains more about mobile satellite data. This is only intended as a guide for how much data you might use, and the approximate amounts involved with certain online activities.

What can I access?

  • Email (via the mobile email client)
  • Webmail (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc)
  • Search (Google, etc)
  • Browse the web
  • Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter)

How much satellite data will I use?

As a guide, please see the approximate figures below:

  • Viewing an email without attachments: Approx 1MB each
  • Viewing a basic webpage: Approx 0.5MB each
If you experience any issues accessing data through your device please Call Customer Care on: 1300 882 448

REMEMBER – using satellite mobile data is slower and the cost is higher than using normal mobile data. Please refer to our information on Reducing your satellite data costs and improving your internet experience for more information.