The Pivotel Network




Connected everywhere you go.

Our Australian-based switching network is connected by direct, protected transmission links to the ground networks of Thuraya in Sharjah, UAE; Iridium in Tempe, Arizona; and Inmarsat in Hawaii.

We support a range of standard network connectivity options to our end customer’s sites, including open internet, VPN tunnel or private network connections for the highest level of data security.

Pivotel provides cellular voice and data services through the brands Pivotel Mobile, Think Mobile and Reward Mobile, reselling Telstra and Vodafone mobile services.

Pivotel has developed, ecoSphere®, a ‘private’ enterprise grade LTE (4G) solution for remote, custom designed LTE deployments. To facilitate our ecoSphere® LTE solution, Pivotel has a spectrum access agreement in place with Vodafone to allow access to interference free licenced LTE spectrum across Australia.

Trust it will work when you need it.

All Pivotel Satellite solutions operate on Pivotel’s Australian carrier-grade network. That means Pivotel’s customers have access to a world-class network that delivers the end-to-end reliability and security essential to operations in a modern world.

The Pivotel network is the result of more than $75 million invested in telecommunications network infrastructure and services to be Australia’s leading provider of satellite based mobile services.

Pivotel is the only Tier 1 service provider that offers all four of the major mobile satellite technologies - Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya and Globalstar. Offering an unmatched suite of mobile satellite products and services, backed by a strong and dedicated team of mobile satellite professionals.

What sets the Pivotel network apart from other network providers.


Tier 1 carrier-grade, fully redundant switching and transmission infrastructure directly interconnected with the satellite operators ensuring high levels of network availability and enabling Pivotel to innovate in the delivery of enhanced customer services.

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A modern fully IP-based network able to support satellite and terrestrial (4G) voice and high-speed data services and a broad range of value-added services to provide improved call management, messaging and alerting.


More places for customers to connect to the Pivotel network and secure the end-to-end transmission of their critical data. Points of interconnect in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, Los Angeles and New York.

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Fully compliant with the Australian and New Zealand Telecommunications Acts, Telecommunications Interception Acts, Industry Codes and regulations so you can trust Pivotel to put our customers and community responsibilities first.

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When you connect with Pivotel you know you're connected everywhere™.

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With a constellation of 66 cross-linked satellites, only Iridium provides truly global satellite service for satellite phones, tracking, and telemetry.

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With near global coverage and 30+ years of experience, Inmarsat’s renowned network provides reliable satellite services for voice, data and M2M services.

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With coverage across Australia and more than 161 countries, Thuraya’s powerful satellites support advanced satellite phones and broadband solutions.

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Renowned for crystal clear calls, Globalstar provides our lowest cost satellite phone solutions, ideal for use in Southern Australia.