VesseLINK™ (Iridium Certus)

VesseLINK™ (Iridium Certus)

Satellite terminal that keep vessels connected and safe at sea

The VesseLINK™ terminal provides critical marine operation global communications coverage. A terminal to depend on for essential communications whenever and wherever you are at sea.

The terminal utilizes Iridium Certus® broadband services over a network of 66 satellites that cover 100% of the globe to provide highly reliable, mobile and essential voice, text and web communications.

  • Military-grade solution designed to meet unique challenges through a simple, adaptable and robust design
  • Support up to 3 independent high-quality voice lines
  • IP data sessions up to 704kbps (down)/352kbps (up)
  • Future-proofed solutions for higher speed services
  • 802.11b/g Wi-Fi access point
  • Multiple user capability
  • IP67 rated

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Please note: use of satellite telecommunications services and devices may be prohibited or restricted in some countries.

  • Size: 30.5 cm x 22.9 cm x 7.6 cm
  • Weight: 3.4 kg
  • Power: 12 VDC input, 11A max (7A avg.), includes powering external VesseLINK High Gain Antenna
  • Connectors: Front: RJ-45 LAN (3) Class 2 PoE RJ-45 WAN (1) for cellular connection RJ-14 POTS
    Rear: DC Power Input (10-32V) MIL-STD-1275D DC Power Input, +12V Regulated GPIO (RS-232, +12V out, DISTRESS, Radio Gate¬way, GPIO) TNC Connector, RF connection to Antenna Wi-Fi reverse SMA SIM slot
  • Mechanical Vibration and Shock: MIL-STD-810G, Test Method 514.6, Proc. 1, Cat-egory 20, Annex D MIL-STD-810G, Test Method 516.6, Proc. IV
  • Size: 35.6 cm (dia) x 22.9 cm (h)
  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Power: Directly powered by the terminal at 24 VDC
  • Operating Temperature: -30 to +55 degrees C
  • Mechanical Vibration and Shock: IEC 60945, Section 8.7.1 and 8.7.2 MIL-STD-810G, Test Method 516.6, Proc. IV
  • Salt-Fog/Corrosion Standard: IEC 60945, Section 8.8
  • Terminal Unit VesseLINK™ 350
  • Above Deck Unit / Antenna Unit
  • Terminal Unit Mounting Template
  • Terminal Unit Mounting Hardware Kit
  • Antenna Mounting Template
  • Antenna Mounting Hardware Kit
  • Antenna Magnetic Mount Kit
  • RF Cable, Coaxial 82 ft LMR300
  • Cable, RJ-45 Ethernet, 10 ft
  • Wi-Fi Antenna, 2.4 GHz Dipole 2 dBi
  • Power Supply, AC/DC 12V – 160W
  • Cable AC Power with USA. EURO and AU Plug
  • Quick Start Guide (QSG) VesseLINK™