Personal Satellite Data Solutions

Whether you’re travelling around Australia, or heading to the bush for some much needed rest and relaxtion, Pivotel’s satellite data solutions keep you connected, everywhere.

We provide compact, reliable and easy to use satellite data solutions. Whether you need a portable satellite data solution that can be carried in a backpack and deployed within minutes,  or install a vehicle based solution for easy and reliable connectivity on the road, Pivotel has your satellite data needs covered.

Pivotel's extensive mobile satellite network provides fast, reliable and secure satellite data services. Plus, take control of your satellite data usage, set usage limits and receive spend alerts with our online service management tools. Pivotel’s completely portable and easy to use satellite data solutions keep you connected, everywhere.

The Pivotel Advantage - Benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Manage your satellite
    data and control your
    costs with Pulsar®
  • Free email and satellite
    SMS progressive
    usage alerts
  • Reliable and
    secure Australian
    IP network
  • Satellite solutions with
    standard Australian
    ‘04’ mobile numbers
  • Australian Customer
    Care team here
    to assist you

Choose your solution:

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Please note: The use of satellite telecommunications services and devices may be prohibited or restricted in some countries.