What is ecoSphere® for agriculture?

Gone are the days of having mobile coverage at the road-front of the property, but no connectivity in the more remote areas where it is needed most.

With a focus on supporting real productivity gains and cost savings, while also improving occupational health and safety, ecoSphere® by Pivotel is a custom built rural mobile network that uses a blend of LTE (4G) and satellite technology for reliable, secure connections where you need them.

A custom built LTE (4G) network delivering mobile connectivity to rural and remote sites right across Australia

ecoSphere® by Pivotel supports high speed data for applications such as video surveillance while also offering extensive capacity for monitoring the status of other remote equipment including pumps, tanks, gates, livestock, environmental conditions or remote machinery on farms.

Linked LTE base stations can expand coverage to hundreds of thousands of hectares

LTE base stations can utilise the NBN network dedicated VSAT links for transmission backhaul to the Pivotel switching network in Sydney.

The benefits of ecoSphere® for agriculture

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    A location (such as a homestead) with a connection to the internet via either NBN or a Pivotel satellite solution is the hub of the Pivotel ecoSphere® network and is where the ecoSphere® remote core (EPC) is located.

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    eNodeB 4G base stations are located at strategic points around the property and are connected back to the EPC via microwave links or in-band LTE transmission.

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    Depending on topography and ground cover, the radial coverage achieved from a single base station can be up to 15km or cover an area of up to 70,000 hectares.

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    Within each base station’s coverage footprint could be hundreds or thousands of individual sensors, monitoring equipment status or livestock condition, as well as high speed data applications such as video surveillance.

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    Very remote, individual assets or workers can be connected and monitored by point to point, low cost satellite connections, ensuring all assets and personnel remain ‘visible’ regardless of location.

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    Whenever personnel are within the ecoSphere® LTE coverage footprint they are able to call to anywhere in the world using voice over IP, call 000, or trigger an SOS in the event of an emergency (device dependent).

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