What is ecoSphere® for mining and industry?

ecoSphere® by Pivotel was designed and built by Pivotel’s team of network engineers and product specialists to deliver a cost effective connectivity solution for companies operating in regional and remote Australia.

When combined with Pivotel’s OH&S and asset tracking management system, Tracertrak, ecoSphere® by Pivotel gives your organisation a full safety, connectivity and management package for use in oil and gas, commercial or mining communications.

A custom built LTE (4G) network delivering real productivity gains and cost savings

ecoSphere® by Pivotel offers customised LTE radio network coverage, with secure, telephony, data, video, tracking and telemetry connections to fixed and mobile assets across the remote site operational area. The radio network is designed to ensure optimised data rates and reliability metrics are delivered to all points on the site and for any identified remote user terminal equipment. The on-site local core network server ensures the site can continue to operate even when the off-site backhaul link is down, and network architecture allows for end to end service management, with Pivotel’s remote access network management support.

ecoSphere® by Pivotel is enabling IoT, telephony and data connectivity across an entire network

Supporting M2M data applications and asset monitoring through to video surveillance and voice calls – no matter the application or the location, ecoSphere® by Pivotel brings city IoT to regional operations. ecoSphere® by Pivotel can be used on-site to connect machinery to improve asset utilisation for real-time decision making, as well as monitor asset status and staff safety. By delivering connectivity across the site, staff can remain in contact at all times and call for help in the event of an emergency – no matter where they are.

Linked LTE base stations utilise the site's broadband connection or dedicated VSAT links for secure transmission backhaul to the Pivotel switching network in Sydney.

The benefits of ecoSphere® for mining and industry

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    ecoSphere® by Pivotel uses micro-cell eNodeB base stations which are small in size and pole mountable, ensuring minimal footprint size and infrastructure requirements.

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    The LTE base stations run on interference free licensed LTE spectrum which Pivotel has secured through a spectrum access agreement.

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    Each base station supports a minimum 32 simultaneous users at up to 15 Mbps on both the downlink and uplink (terrain and design dependent). The ecoSphere® by Pivotel LTE solution supports a remote Evolved Packet Core (EPC) located at the local site to deliver benefits above and beyond the typical central EPC solution.

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    Autonomous operation of the local LTE network if connectivity back to the Pivotel central network is temporarily lost – voice calls between on-site mobiles and mobile data terminals transmitting back to the on-site servers continue to be supported during periods of transmission link outage.

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    Very remote, individual assets or workers can be connected and monitored by point to point, low cost satellite connections ensuring all assets and personnel remain ‘visible’ regardless of location.

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    ecoSphere® LTE solution provides support for secure private data networking between the mine site and head office to ensure data security and protection from denial of service attacks.

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    Whenever personnel are within the ecoSphere® LTE coverage footprint they are able to call to anywhere in the world using voice over IP, call 000 or trigger an SOS in the event of an emergency (device dependent).

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    The LTE radio network is optimised for the terrain and environmental conditions of the given site, as well as being designed to meet your required levels of resilience. For example, redundant transmission links between LTE base stations, redundant local EPC servers and redundant IP networking infrastructure to remove single points of failure are options available to site operators.

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    Because each ecoSphere® by Pivotel site is built to the customer’s specific requirements, you can be sure you will receive the best possible result for your on-site communications. Pivotel’s Radio and Network Engineering team has the experience and the tools to design a solution for your site that will provide optimal service coverage for the voice, data and IoT sensing solutions that are important to your business.

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