Current Outages

If this outage affects you and you require further assistance, please contact our Customer Care team on 1300 882 448 (Australia) or 0508 882 448 (New Zealand)

Title: Wickepin Unplanned Outage
Service Outage Reference: PSOUT00849
Nature: Unplanned
Description: Initial: 17:40 14-Jan-2024
Dear Customer,

Western power has advised that there is power outage in Wickepin area and estimated power restoration time is 09:00pm WST. Customers in Wickepin will experience out of service.

Update: 20:31 14-Jan-2024
Power has restored partially and we are still investigating the rest of the sites.

Update: 12:08 17-Jan-2024
Part of the sites are resolved. We are working internally to restore all the services.

Update: 10:58 29-Jan-2024
There is a hardware fault and we are working with the vendor to fix it ASAP.
Meanwhile the sites are online however the performance might be degraded on some sites.
Customers: Ecosphere Wickepin
Outage Start Time: Sunday, 14/01/24 17:05:00 GMT+1100
Estimated Outage Restoration Time: Wednesday, 31/01/24 09:00:00 GMT+1100
Title: Telstra Planned Service Interruption Affecting PIVO3bTEL-0003
Service Outage Reference: PSOUT00867
Nature: Planned
Description: Initial: 12:05 20-Feb-2024
Dear Customer,

Telstra has scheduled a maintenance work on March 06, 2024 between 12:00AM to 06:00AM AEDT. During the activity, PIVO3bTEL-0003 services may experience interruptions.
Systems: Other
Outage Start Time: Wednesday, 06/03/24 00:00:00 GMT+1100
Estimated Outage Restoration Time: Wednesday, 06/03/24 06:00:00 GMT+1100
Title: NBN BSS Kalgoorlie Maintenance
Service Outage Reference: PSOUT00872
Nature: Planned
Description: Initial: 12:28 23-Feb-2024
Dear Customers,

nbn BSS has a planned maintenance outage that will impact Kalgoorlie Gateway on below change outage windows:

February 29 2024 00:00 AEDT To 06:00 AEDT
March 01 2024 00:00 AEDT To 06:00 AEDT
March 02 2024 00:00 AEDT To 06:00 AEDT

Services from the following beams will be impacted for up to 90 mins during each of the change windows:

1AB010C1 (10)
1AB013C7 (13)
1AB020C1 (20)
1AB034C1 (34)
1AB036C1 (36)
1AB056C1 (56)
Satellite Services: NBN Services
Outage Start Time: Thursday, 29/02/24 00:00:00 GMT+1100
Estimated Outage Restoration Time: Saturday, 02/03/24 06:00:00 GMT+1100