Pivotel App for Talk and Text (PATT™)

The Pivotel App for Talk and Text (PATT™) is a smartphone app that allows you to exchange voice calls
and SMS with any standard national or international phone number using any data connection.

Introducing the Pivotel App for Talk and Text (PATT™)

Calls and SMS with an Australian mobile phone number using any data connection.

The Pivotel App for Talk and Text (PATT™) functions just like a mobile phone, you get your own Australian ‘04’ mobile phone number, allowing incoming calls and SMS to be delivered directly to your dedicated PATT™ mobile number, meaning your friends, family and colleagues don’t even need to have the app installed. You can also call landline numbers, 1300 numbers, as well as international phone numbers.

PATT™ has been designed to work with virtually any data connection, including satellite services like Iridium Certus®, SkyMuster™ and nbn™ wireless, as well as other Internet and Wi-Fi connections like Pivotel's 4G Networks, meaning you can call and SMS, even when you are outside of standard mobile phone coverage.



Australian ’04’ mobile phone numbers
When you sign up to PATT™, you get your own dedicated Australian ‘04’ mobile phone number meaning your friends, family and co-workers can call you from any ordinary mobile phone or landline service – they won’t even know you are using PATT™.


Voice optimisation
PATT™ is designed to work over the most challenging types of data connections, including most mobile and fixed satellite data services.


Call or SMS any standard mobile, national, or international phone number
Unlike other common VoIP platforms, the person you are calling or messaging doesn’t need to have PATT™ installed.


Use your existing contact list
PATT™ accesses your existing contacts and displays them in a combined list for easy access, avoiding the need to re-enter all the names and phone numbers of your friends and family.


All calls and SMS are encrypted over the secure Pivotel network using Transport Layer Security (TLS) giving you peace of mind that your calls and SMS stay private.

The App

The Pivotel App for Talk and Text (PATT™) is available for download for iOS and Android users.


Smartphone sold seperately. Apple and iPhone are a trade mark of Apple Inc, registered in the US and other countries. Android is a trade mark of Google Inc.

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Pivotel's smartphone VoIP app that allows you to exchange voice calls and SMS with any phone number using any data connection.

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