Satellite Push-to-Talk

Pivotel’s satellite Push-to-Talk (PTT) service allows you to initiate fast, secure and global
voice communications to your entire team, wherever they are located.

Connect with your team instantly, anywhere.

Pivotel’s satellite Push-to-Talk (PTT) service allows users to communicate with each other or to a group, with the push of a button, no matter where the task takes them.

Unlike traditional PTT services that rely on land-based GSM or radio infrastructure, Pivotel's satellite PTT service uses Iridium's global satellite network to provide a truly global coverage footprint. The unique, mission-critical system is built for speed and security, with land mobile radio performance and no compromise AES-256 encryption.

Choose the Icom IC-SAT100 for a dedicated PTT handset, or the Iridium Extreme PTT for a handset that provides PTT, as well as satellite voice and SMS services.

With Pivotel, the PTT service enables rapid coordination and control of your team like never before and is available with a range of service plan and accessory options.



Why Pivotel?


Dedicated or dual-mode PTT handsets

PTT only or PTT + voice and SMS services


Progressive usage alerts

Control your costs with email and SMS notifications 


Locally based Customer Support

One-call customer service on all Pivotel services 

Satellite Push-to-Talk - Networks & Coverage

Whether you're hiking through difficult terrain, escaping to the bush for some much-needed rest and relaxation, running a business from remote locations, or sailing the world's oceans, Pivotel will keep you connected everywhere™.

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Pivotel's satellite phones keep you safe and connected with voice and SMS communications across Australia and beyond.

Pivotel’s satellite PTT service allows you to initiate fast, secure and global voice communications to your entire team, everywhere.

Pivotel’s satellite data services connect you with critical systems and applications on the road, at a work site, or anywhere else.

Pivotel’s satellite internet services allow you to stay connected with uncompromised portable, vehicular and fixed internet connectivity.

Pivotel’s satellite marine communications enable reliable services designed specifically for use on vessels at sea. 

Pivotel's satellite IoT terminals allow you to monitor important or unmanned assets with connectivity across Australia and beyond.

Pivotel’s Tracertrak worker safety platform allows you to address your duty of care and keep workers safe, no matter where they are.

Pivotel’s Tracertrak asset monitoring platform allows you to view the status and location of your assets, wherever you're operating.

Pivotel’s personal safety and tracking devices keep you and your family, or your valuable assets connected, everywhere.

Pivotel's smartphone VoIP app that allows you to exchange voice calls and SMS with any phone number using any data connection.

Connect homes and buildings to the internet, use IoT technologies and applications like Pivotel’s voice and SMS service PATT™.

Manage your satellite services and control your costs with Pivotel's Pulsar® Service Management Portal.

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Pivotel’s Tracertrak worker safety platform means
we can have more people out there working alone
safely, rather than having someone sitting and
waiting for a call that may or may not come.

- Tom Hanson

Health and Safety Manager, HQPlantations


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