Termination & Number Hosting

As a licenced mobile carrier, Pivotel provides high-quality, innovative and
cost-effective wholesale telecommunication services across Australia.

Pivotel’s high-performance wholesale platform is designed specifically to meet our partners requirements.

Pivotel’s position as a licenced carrier and Australian network infrastructure allows us to provide wholesale telecommunications services to businesses.

Pivotel operates a high-performance wholesale platform designed specifically to meet our clients requirements and is equipped to manage even the most demanding campaigns.

Services provided include voice termination, number hosting and a range of other value-added network communication solutions.

All data handled by Pivotel never leaves Australian soil, guaranteeing data sovereignty for enterprise and government users where this is often a requirement.

With a proactive and responsive team, we look forward to establishing the market standard in Australian business communication services.


Termination & Number Hosting - Features


Services include wholesale voice termination,
number hosting and more


All data handled by Pivotel never
leaves Australian soil


Supported by Pivotel’s dedicated
wholesale services team

Termination & Number Hosting - Services

Voice & SMS Termination

Pivotel is interconnected with all of the major telcos, allowing us to provide services that are flexible, scalable and customisable to meet your requirements.

Number Hosting

As a licenced mobile carrier, Pivotel provides number hosting services that are simple, cost effective, reliable and compliant with all regulatory obligations.

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An extensive range of wholesale satellite voice and data services.

High-quality Australian wholesale telecommunication services.

A cost-effective and reliable way to communicate directly with your customers.

Dedicated satellite gateway, data centre and network hosting services.

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Pivotel’s Tracertrak worker safety platform means
we can have more people out there working alone
safely, rather than having someone sitting and
waiting for a call that may or may not come.

- Tom Hanson

Health and Safety Manager, HQPlantations


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