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Getting Started with Tracertrak

Tracertrak console information regarding Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Submit a Tracertrak Network Service Application to Pivotel Customer Care

Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox and Chrome are recommended

Account Administrators configure their Tracertrak account to suit their location, language, timezone and system preferences

Tracertrak is an enterprise grade tracking solution for people and assets

Login to Tracertrak using your web browser or the Tracertrak Console App

Use the 'Forgot your password' link on the Tracertrak login screen

The Administrator edits the account name on the My Settings page of the Administer Menu

Tracertrak Best Practices

Tracertrak Configuration Guide

Tracertrak Advance Setup Guide

Tracertrak Check-in Configuration Guide


Every Tracertrak account must have a single Administrator

Click on the plus button next to the Role column header in the People configuration page

When a person is added, Tracertrak will send them a welcome email and a login link to Tracertrak

Assign the role which provides the person the necessary permissions they need to effectively work within Tracertrak

Use the quick link on the Configure > People page or set it in the Edit Person page

Use the Merge button if available, otherwise, allocate the worker a role


Submit an activation request to Pivotel Customer Care

Click on the device name to open the device details page

Use the Device Reactivation tool in Administer > Account Settings

Tracertrak supports a range of asset tracking and OH&S devices

Use the Device Suspension tool in Administer > Account Settings

Device identifiers are typically found on the back, in the battery compartment or within the device settings


Click on the tools button under the Tracking header in the Devices configuration page

Compare the different inReach devices in the features comparison table below

Follow the instructions below for your inReach model

The Tracertrak package you have selected for your inReach device determines the tracking intervals available

Follow the instructions below for your inReach model

Follow the instructions below for your inReach model

Iridium Extreme 9575

Iridium Extreme (9575) are registered with the activation code that is available in the Iridium Extreme device configuration screen

SPOT Gen3/Gen4/Trace

One-way satellite based OH&S device

Follow the instructions below for your SPOT model

SPOT devices can Track your location and send OK, HELP, CUSTOM and SOS messages


The below instructions cover the use of the RockConnect App to install the latest firmware version onto a RockFLEET device

RockFLEET internal batteries should be charged every 6 months to ensure their capacity is not diminished


Charge with the supplied USB charging cable from a 1A USB port when battery level < 50%

SafeWorker App

SafeWorker Apps are registered with the activation code that is available in the SafeWorker Application License configuration screen

Smartone C/Smartone Solar

Screwed down, adhesive tape or optional mounting bracket


Profiles allow you to manage a single set of configurations that can then be applied to many devices of the same type

Use the quick link on the Configure > Devices page or allocate it in the Edit Device page

Use the quick link on the Configure > Devices page or allocate them in the Device Details page

Assign the device groups to which the person belongs or needs to manage

Click on the plus button next to the Profile column header in the Profile configuration page

Click on the plus button next to the Person column header in the People configuration page

Click the "Add Group" button at the bottom right of the Device configuration page


Your Preferences > Console Preferences > Select Language > Save


Select the Devices/People and the display criteria required, and click "GET"

Use the Default Map selection tool from the Map Filter panel

Device location icons can be customised in the device details page

Use the "poll location" button located to the right of the device within the device list on the map

The accuracy depends on how close the device location is to a physical street address

The Map Filter and Results panels can be hidden and unhidden to provide more screen space to display the map results

The map icons reflect device locations, device status's, alarms and company locations

The map control buttons allow you to toggle the various data layers within the map

Find Proximity To centers the map on a specified location and displays the devices surrounding that location

Alarms & Notifications

Device Notifications send an alarm notification to a 2-way messaging capable device

GEOS is an international emergency response center that is integrated with Tracertrak SOS messages

The SOS Alarm is raised and SOS Alerts are sent to the nominated recipients which, for GEOS enabled accounts, includes GEOS

Alarms are managed on the Alarms page or via SMS commands

GEOS requires as much information as possible to effectively deal with SOS emergency situations

Dynamic Alarm Recipients send an alarm notification to a device or person that is conditionally related to the alarm that has been triggered


Mandatory check-ins required at specific times on specific days of the week

Activity based check-ins which provide flexibility and early warning alarms for potential issues

User controlled check-ins which provide flexibility and reduce management dependency

Each check-in type has a different check-in schedule expectation, each type has its own pros and cons


Pivotel Numbers are dedicated mobile numbers allocated to a person for simplified satellite messaging

Messages can be sent to devices from the Tracertrak console, from a SMS capable device or from another Tracertrak device

SMS commands are supported for alarm management, device polling and messaging

A device recipient address is a unique messaging address to facilitate device to device messaging


The geofence status symbols reflect the confidence of whether there is a breach of the geofence or not

History & Reports

Access Last Known Location data via the Tracertrak Last Known Location API

Click on a device location or row in the results panel to display the broadcast details


Use this knowledge base or contact Pivotel Customer Care

Yes, Tracertrak's development process is ISO 9001:2015 certified

Pivotel Customer Care can be contacted by email, SMS or the Contact Us form in the Tracertrak portal

Here are a few key definitions and abbreviations for Tracertrak

Tracertrak Resources

Download the latest Tracertrak User Manuals and Guides.

Click here for a list of FAQs regarding the Tracertrak Console.

Download the latest Tracertrak Standard Forms, Policies and more.

Click here for a list of FAQs regarding the Tracertrak Safeworker App.

Tracertrak Releases

Download the latest Tracertrak Web Releases.


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