business nbn™ Satellite Service

Pivotel’s business nbn™ Satellite Service is a business-grade satellite internet service
that delivers high-bandwidth to remote sites around Australia.

A business-grade satellite internet service designed for remote and regional Australia.

Pivotel's business nbn™ Satellite Service allows your business to stay connected.

As data becomes a vital commodity for businesses, our solution, powered by the business nbn™ Satellite Service combines the nbn™ Ka-band satellites and highly resilient ground network with Pivotel’s satellite know-how to provide a range of connectivity options and end user solutions.

Whether you need data connectivity to run critical business applications or simply for your staff to stay connected and safe while they’re at remote sites, our range of solutions powered by the business nbn™ Satellite Service deliver business-grade services you can rely on.


Why Pivotel?


The region’s leading provider

For over 20 years, Pivotel has specialised in providing connectivity solutions for people and assets in rural, remote and regional environments.


Specialised local support

Whether it’s support with installation, configuration or customer service, Pivotel’s local team of experienced satellite communication experts will assist you.


Pair your nbn™ service

Pivotel offers a range of satellite technologies allowing you to run nbn™ services independently, or as part of a redundant solution as a primary or secondary link.


Standard billing and invoicing

As an established enterprise and government supplier, Pivotel provides standard invoicing and terms, without the need to bill your service(s) via credit card.

business nbn™ Satellite Service - Products


Business Satellite

Pivotel’s business satellite service provides connectivity to remote sites. Choose from a range of speeds, allowances and data pooling options for multiple sites, ideal for supporting staff working and living at remote sites. The service supports business and personal applications such as - Office365, Skype, VoIP calling, video calling, and streaming applications such as Netflix.


IoT Backhaul

Pivotel’s IoT backhaul service provides data connectivity for remote networks and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications. With bandwidth options from 10/10 Kbps to 2/2 Mbps available as both Committed Information Rate or Peak Information Rates, the IoT backhaul service is ideal for supporting near real-time access, monitoring and communications for remote infrastructure.


Backup/Aid Services

Pivotel’s backup services provide independent connectivity paths within the business nbn™ Satellite Service coverage area for use in the event of a failure in the primary network. Connect the backup service directly to your corporate network and configure it for failover, or operate it as an independent network that your staff can connect to in the event of an issue with the primary network.

business nbn™ Satellite Service - Coverage

The business nbn™ Satellite Service is a business grade satellite internet service that delivers high bandwidth and capacity to remote sites around Australia.

The business nbn™ Satellite Service combines nbn’s Ka-band satellites and highly resilient ground network to provide coverage to 100% of mainland Australia, Tasmania and the major outer islands.


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Our Networks



The Iridium satellite network provides robust, reliable, global voice and data connectivity.



The Inmarsat satellite network provides reliable, near-global voice and data connectivity.



The Thuraya satellite network provides cost-effective voice and data connectivity across Australia.



The Starlink satellite network provides high-speed, low-latency internet services on land or at sea.



The OneWeb satellite network provides fast, high-bandwidth, low-latency internet services worldwide. 



The Intelsat satellite network provides secure, high-speed internet services when and where you need it.


business nbn™ Satellite Service

The nbn™ business Satellite Service provides business-grade internet services to rural and remote Australia.



Pivotel’s wireless networks are designed to meet the connectivity requirements of a property or region.



O3b mPOWER is SES’s next-generation non-geostationary (NGSO) constellation.



The Globalstar Simplex satellite network provides a low-cost data service with coverage across Australia.


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