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Pivotel’s commercial maritime solutions provide reliable and cost-effective satellite
communication services designed specifically for use on commercial vessels.

Maritime communication solutions designed for commercial operators.

Pivotel’s commercial maritime solutions allow you to keep your vessels connected to what’s important with reliable and secure communication solutions.

Whether you require a connectivity solution to meet your industry obligations, connect with critical systems and applications, or for crew welfare services, Pivotel provides a range of cost-effective hardware, service plans and accessories that give you coverage across the world’s oceans.

Choose a dedicated maritime terminal for data speeds from Kbps to Mbps, depending on your requirements and access email, weather forecasts, navigational information and more, or meet your vessel monitoring or catch reporting obligations with our vessel monitoring system (VMS) solutions.

Plus, as Pivotel is the only licensed carrier in Australia interconnected with all of the major mobile satellite networks, we provide you with a range of unique benefits that you won’t find anywhere else.

The Pivotel Advantage is designed to give you more value and solutions that are easier to use and cheaper to operate.


Maritime Commercial - Features


Flexible solutions that provide you with the level of connectivity you need when you’re on the water


Feel safe and provide your crew with peace of mind knowing they have a line of communication should they need it


Check weather forecasts, navigational information and more

Maritime Commercial - Products


Maritime Communications

Pivotel’s maritime solutions enable reliable satellite communication services designed for vessels.


Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS)

Pivotel’s vessel monitoring system (VMS) provide fishers with affordable satellite-based VMS solutions.

Why Pivotel?


Standard Australian ‘04’ mobile numbers

Easier to use and more affordable to call


Callers to you pay standard mobile rates

Calls are often FREE from unlimited phone plans


One network - multiple satellite technologies

More choices for a solution that meets your needs



Pulsar® Service Management System

Monitor, control and manage your data in real-time


Progressive usage alerts

Control your costs with email and SMS notifications



Locally based Customer Support

One-call customer service on all Pivotel services


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The connectivity specialists across a range of solutions


Communication solutions that provide you with the level of connectivity you need.

Connect to your entire team instantly with the push of a button, everywhere.

Portable on-demand data and internet connectivity when and where you need it.

Turn your vehicles into wireless hotspots with data and internet connectivity.

Connect, monitor and control systems and applications in remote, unmanned locations.

Business-grade satellite internet services for remote sites around Australia.

Keep your workers safe and connected with communication, monitoring and WHS services.

Tracking, monitoring and status information for important assets across Australia.

Specialised marine communications that keep you safe and connected on the water.

Reliable and robust maritime communication solutions designed for commercial vessels.

Connect rural and remote sites, properties and communities across Australia.

IoT hardware, backhaul and networks for rural and remote Australia.

Trusted by Industry Leaders


The Pulsar Platform allows us to monitor the data usage on our remote monitoring system, which helps to protect against high data costs and have early warning mechanisms in place to alert us of any potential issues.

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