Whether you’re a weekend warrior, seasoned traveller, or new to adventures,
Pivotel provides connectivity services that work right across Australia. 

Pivotel allows you to remain connected wherever your adventure takes you.

At Pivotel, we know that everyone has their own unique remote communication requirements, but all want solutions that are reliable and easy to use, from a provider they can trust.

With over sixty-seven percent of the country not covered by mobile phone networks, including many popular travel destinations, Pivotel allows people across Australia to access communication solutions that suit their individual needs.

Choose from a range of hardware, service plans and accessories that allow you to connect with family and friends so they know that you’re okay, know your latest travel plans, or if the worst should happen, you can contact emergency responders, regardless of location.

Plus, as Pivotel is the only licensed Australian carrier focused on rural, remote and regional communication services, you’ll get peace of mind knowing we're interconnected with all of the major mobile satellite networks, meaning you'll get the solution that’s right for you every time.


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Know you have a line of communication wherever the road takes you


Communications solutions that work across Australia, no matter where you’re located


Choose from a range of solutions, hardware and services that suit your requirements

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Voice & Messaging

Pivotel’s voice and messaging solutions provide coverage everywhere, including the 67% of Australia that is not covered by mobile phone networks.


Portable Connectivity

Pivotel’s portable connectivity solutions provide fast, reliable and secure satellite data and internet services for critical systems and applications.


Vehicular Connectivity

Pivotel’s vehicular connectivity solutions provide fast, reliable and secure satellite data and internet services for critical systems and applications, while on the move.

Why Pivotel?

*Service suspension available on selected plans only. Terms and conditions apply.


Standard Australian ‘04’ mobile numbers

Easier to use and more affordable to call


Callers to you pay standard mobile rates

Calls are often FREE from unlimited phone plans


One network - multiple satellite technologies

More choices for a solution that meets your needs



Seasonal service suspension

Suspend your service when you’re not using it*


Progressive usage alerts

Control your costs with email and SMS notifications



Locally based Customer Support

One-call customer service on all Pivotel services


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The connectivity specialists across a range of sectors


Solutions that allow you to operate safely and productively.

Stay safe and connected wherever the job takes you.

Services that enhance rural and regional communications.

Stay connected wherever your operations take you.

Connectivity services for army, navy or airforce operations.

Access fast, reliable and real-time information, everywhere.

Monitor real-time data wherever you’re operating.

Reliable and resilient connectivity that works everywhere.

Reliable services that let you operate safely and efficiently.

Work safely and access real-time information anywhere.

Enhance safety and productivity across entire regions.

Give crew and passengers access to reliable communications.

Connectivity services wherever your resources are located.

Solutions that allow you to operate efficiently, everywhere.

Stay connected wherever your adventure takes you.

Stay connected regardless of your location.

Communication services for wherever the road takes you.

Keeping you connected wherever your resources are located.

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Pivotel’s Tracertrak worker safety platform means
we can have more people out there working alone
safely, rather than having someone sitting and
waiting for a call that may or may not come.

- Tom Hanson

Health and Safety Manager, HQPlantations


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