SPOT Trace | Tracertrak Asset Monitoring (Globalstar) - In-stock

A satellite-connected theft-alert and tracking device.

Key Features

phoneCompact, lightweight and simple to install 

phoneNear real-time location information

phonePowered by 100% satellite technology on Tracertrak

SPOT Trace | Tracertrak Asset Monitoring

The SPOT Trace is a compact, low cost asset tracking and motion alert device, powered by 100% satellite technology on Tracertrak. The tiny, lightweight device is simple to install and when used with Tracertrak it gives full visibility of asset location as well as alerting the user to any unauthorised movement.

The SPOT Trace on Tracertrak provides near-real-time location information on anything from vehicles and trailers to plant and machinery, meaning your organisation spends less time searching for assets on remote sites and more time utilising your valuable resources.

  • Receive text or email messages when movement is detected
  • Monitor assets in near real-time
  • Satellite technology tracks beyond the reach of normal mobile network coverage
  • Select from 2.5 through to 60 minute tracking intervals
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Long battery-life and plug-in power options
  • Size: 51.3 x 68.3 x 21.4 (mm)
  • Weight: 87.9g
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +60°C
  • Operating altitude: -100m to +6500m
  • Humidity rated: MIL-STD-810F, Method 507.3, 95% to 100% cond.
  • Vibration rated: Per SAE J1455
  • Waterproof rates: IP67 (dust tight and water resistant up to 1m for 30 minutes)
  • Battery type: - 4AAA lithium batteries
    - Line Power with a 5v USB connection
  • Mounting Options: - Reversable mounting brackets
    - Industrial strength double sided tape
    - Adhesive grip
    - Adhesive hook and loop tape

Plan Name

Trak SPOT Trace Unlimited
(Min. cost over 12 months is $444)

Trak SPOT Trace Extreme
(Min. cost over 12 months is $600)

Monthly Access Fee



Included Locations




Includes unlimited tracking
at 5, 10, 30 or 60 minute intervals.

Includes unlimited tracking
at 2.5 minute intervals.

Usage Type


Tracertrak SMS Alert


Tracertrak SPOT Trace Service Suspension
(limited to 6 months in every 12 months)

$15.50 per service, per month


Daily location (Heartbeat)

Reporting Frequency while moving

Unlimited 5 min

each 24 hours

each 5 minutes

Unlimited 10 min

each 24 hours

each 10 minutes

Unlimited 30 min

each 24 hours

each 30 minutes

Unlimited 60 min

each 24 hours

each 60 minutes

Extreme 2.5 min (Only available with Trak SPOT Trace Extreme Plan)

each 24 hours

each 2.5 minutes

Pivotel Satellite Pty Limited. Prices are in AU$ and include GST. Each SMS recipient for an alert will be charged at the SMS rate. 2-way SMS Responses, SMS Reminders and SMS Acknowledgements sent to each recipient will be charged at the SMS rate. A compatible SPOT Trace device is required to access the Tracertrak SPOT Trace service. Pivotel may apply call barring where fraudulent use is suspected or for credit control purposes. You will receive a bill by email from Pivotel listing any payments you have made during the billing period, and a summary of your service usage to enable you to keep track of your overall service usage and monthly spend. An itemised bill listing all of your service usage events is available on request. You may elect to receive a paper bill by post for an additional fee. Tracertrak plans are available to credit approved customers only. Minimum contract term is 12 months. Minimum cost for SPOT Trace Services is $444 on Trak SPOT Trace Unlimited and $600 on Trak SPOT Trace Extreme over 12 months plus cost of SPOT device. Tracertak SPOT Trace services can be suspended for up to 6 months in any 12 month period. The cost to suspend a Tracertrak SPOT Trace service is $15.50 per service, per month.

Why Tracertrak by Pivotel?


Monitors for unexpected events and alarms, and alerts you to important events


Satellite-based monitoring means you never lose sight of your valuable assets


Monitor unpowered assets like trailers for years on a single set of batteries


Tracertrak has an enterprise grade permissions management structure


Customise your mapping and set up geofences around permitted or prohibited areas


Reliable and secure, high-availability system design with end-to-end network monitoring


Globalstar Coverage

The Globalstar Simplex satellite service uses the Globalstar low earth orbit (LEO) satellite network to provide a low cost, one-way satellite data delivery solution with coverage across Australia and its territorial waters.

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