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Adaman Resources

Offering FIFO workers reliable internet access to communicate with family and pass the time.

The Challenge

Adaman Resources operates a gold mine in central WA, about 350 km west of Geraldton, with a staff of 100 FIFO workers and no mobile phone coverage or terrestrial internet access. The provision of satellite internet with large data allowance at a reasonable cost was seen as essential for staff welfare.

The Solution

Pivotel provided a fixed satellite internet service with large data allowances at this remote location with rapid roll-out, at a reasonable cost. All staff are able to access the internet through WiFi and can communicate with family at home, use social media, browse the internet and enjoy streaming services in their time-off between shifts.


Everything was perfect, we didn’t have any issues at all... We’re very happy with Pivotel, everything went smoothly.      

John Fitzgerald, CFO

The Technical Challenge

The Kirkalocka Mine, operated by Adaman Resources, is situated just south of Mount Magnet, about 350 km west of Geraldton, in WA.

There is no mobile phone coverage and a workforce of around 100 FIFO workers generally work eight days on site and have six days at home.

The welfare of FIFO workers and their families are strained by the remoteness and difficulty of communication, and the provision of a reliable satellite internet service with large data allowances was seen as critical for staff well-being and retention.

“These days it’s very important, no one’s going to live without social media,” says CFO John Fitzgerald. And given its remote location, there is not a great deal to do during time off. “There is a gym and some sporting facilities but not a lot else,” says John.

The Technical Solution

Pivotel was able to roll-out a fixed satellite internet system with a large enough data allowance to satisfy the needs of 100 staff at a reasonable cost.

“Everything was perfect, we didn’t have any issues at all… We’re very happy with Pivotel, everything went smoothly,” says John.

With a generous 2 TB monthly data allowance and speeds of up to 30 MB, the service is satisfying the needs of the entire workforce. “We’re sharing among 100 people, it’s quite a village,” says John.

Slower speeds might be experienced due to congestion at peak times, at the change of shifts early in the morning or mid-afternoon, but in general staff are delighted to have reliable internet access in such a remote location.

The Outcome

The satellite internet service has quickly become an accepted part of life at the Kirkalocka Mine.

“They’re certainly making use of it. They don’t have mobile coverage, it’s their prime window out into the world,” says John.

The provision of internet is seen as a positive step in helping address the welfare and well-being of FIFO workers and their families, providing important communication and entertainment needs for this remote work force.

The Hardware


business nbn™ Satellite Service

The business nbn™ Satellite Service utilise a VSAT (very small aperture terminal) to transmit and receive data from the nbn™ satellites.


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