OneWeb Appoints Pivotel as distribution partner for Australia and New Zealand roll out

Service will provide high-speed, reliable satellite internet connectivity to remote areas across the region.

Leading remote communication solutions provider Pivotel today announced it has agreed to terms with OneWeb for a Distribution Partner Agreement that will see the organisation rollout OneWeb’s broadband satellite Internet services across Australia and New Zealand.

OneWeb, headquartered in London, delivers affordable, fast, high bandwidth, low-latency communication services worldwide. The service is powered by a constellation of 650 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, allowing OneWeb’s network to deliver Internet connections anywhere on Earth.

The announcement of the partnership is an important milestone for Pivotel as the company continues to focus on deploying new and innovative solutions for the benefit of its customers across the region. The OneWeb service will provide Internet connectivity at speeds up to 195 Mbps, which will allow users to enjoy connectivity just like their city-based counterparts, no matter where they’re operating.

Pivotel CEO, Peter Bolger said: “The agreement between OneWeb and Pivotel will bring fast and reliable connectivity to the areas where it’s needed most. Australia’s rural and remote communities and organisations simply haven’t had access to this kind of service before. We see OneWeb’s cutting edge satellite technology as a game changer for many regional operators and believe the service will become the catalyst that allows organisations to improve productivity, efficiency and safety across sites or entire regions.”

OneWeb VP APAC, David Thorn added: “Pivotel’s focus on regional and remote communication services aligns perfectly with OneWeb’s own aim of providing global connectivity and makes them an ideal partner. Their proven track record of offering innovative solutions, in addition to their understanding of both technology and the market, is hugely valuable to OneWeb. We are excited to have the opportunity to play a key role in improving the resilience of the telecom infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand.”


Pivotel Group is a global provider of communication solutions. Its experienced network of engineers, application developers and account managers ensure Pivotel Group's licensed carrier network is directly interconnected with all of the major mobile satellite operators to provide the most extensive range of satellite voice, data, personal safety and asset monitoring solutions. For more information on Pivotel, visit

Pivotel Head of Sales and Marketing, Darren Cooley added: “A number of our government, mining and construction customers are well progressed with plans for trials in rural and remote locations. Enterprise and government customers need business-grade high bandwidth connectivity for legacy and contemporary applications with low latency. The combination of OneWeb’s business solutions and Pivotel’s satellite expertise is great news for our customers.”

In addition to its retail offering, Pivotel plans to provide wholesale services for ICT system integrators, value-added resellers, and smaller telco customers. This includes backhaul deployments for mobile or fixed wireless connectivity in some of Australia’s underserved remote regions, including aboriginal communities with Pivotel’s ecoSphere® cellular solutions.


OneWeb is a global communications network powered from space, headquartered in London, enabling connectivity for governments, businesses, and communities. It is implementing a constellation of Low Earth Orbit satellites with a network of global gateway stations and a range of user terminals to provide an affordable, fast, high-bandwidth and low-latency communications service, connected to the IoT future and a pathway to 5G for everyone, everywhere. Find out more at