Pivotel to power CIN’s innovative WiFi project

Critical communication specialists Pivotel today announced their involvement in a project initiated by the NSW Government’s new Connectivity Innovation Network (CIN) to develop and trial an innovative WiFi network solution intended to solve the connectivity challenges currently faced by emergency services and regional communities.

The project is a joint undertaking with involvement from the University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, NBN Co and Pivotel, and delivers on the CIN’s aim of bringing together academia, government and industry with a common interest to share and ideate technology solutions through collaboration and partnership.

Together, the organisations will call upon their specialist experience to develop a cost-effective WiFi connectivity solution that can be rapidly deployed in any scenario. The solution will be designed to deliver a coverage area of up to one square kilometre and cater for up to 100 simultaneous users, while delivering speeds of up to 10Mbps per user, bringing real benefits to the community, businesses and other organisations.

To achieve this, Pivotel will utilise expertise, as well as learnings from many years of developing in-house technology. The solution will integrate NBN Co’s innovative satellite backhaul solution, which will be one of the first government deployments of NBN Co's latest higher speed tier offering on their Business Satellite Service (GEO).

Pivotel will pair NBN Co’s backhaul solution with the seamless backup and load balancing of OneWeb's (LEO) service, a recent addition to the Pivotel portfolio. This will allow the solution to operate independently wherever it is required, including during emergency situations, as its backhaul capability will not require traditional terrestrial radio and cellular networks.

Darren Cooley, Pivotel’s Head of Sales and Marketing said “At Pivotel, we are committed to solving connectivity challenges faced not only by regional Australia, but also emergency services and public safety agencies. To partner with other leading organisations and work to develop and trial an innovative solution for large-scale Wi-Fi deployment for individuals and organisations in rural, remote and regional Australia aligns perfectly and is a natural fit for us.”

The solution will be completed with an independent power supply that lasts for multiple hours, while having the option to be powered by mains power. The large and remote geographical WiFi services will be delivered by innovative, patented wireless networking protocols that will support steerable multibeam high-gain antennas.

The project aims to deliver ubiquitous connectivity utilising technology that is available today, addressing a challenge seen time and time again, particularly in rural and remote parts of the country. Whether it’s an evolving emergency, special operation or even during post‐disaster recovery efforts, this kind of innovation will be vital to the growth and resilience of regional and remote communities in NSW and across the rest of Australia.


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Developed by NSW Telco Authority and led by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and the University of Sydney, the Connectivity Innovation Network focuses on finding innovative research solutions to statewide connectivity challenges.