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How often will my device send its position?

RockFLEET will transmit its location every 5min when powered and away from its home port. When within 250m of the home port, the device will only transmit once every hour. A RockFLEET that is not externally powered will only transmit once every hour.

How can I check if my device is working?

You can check the last known location of your device in the Tracertrak Portal. The Tracertrak Portal can also be used to review your devices historical locations over the last 3 months.

Home Port

How do I set my Home Port?

This is a feature that will be available in a future release of Tracertrak. Instruction on how to set the Home Port of a device will be provided when this feature becomes available.

Why should I set my Home Port?

Using a Home Port will help extend the battery life of your device, ensuring the device is not transmitting unnecessarily.


Is the RockFLEET waterproof?

Yes, the RockFLEET is waterproof. The RockFLEET is IP68 rated, sealed against dust and protected against water ingress and rated to immersion of up to 3m.


Is it possible to send text messages through the RockFLEET?

No, at the moment this is not possible. Future versions of the Tracertrak portal may enable this functionality.


How long can I suspend my device?

The RockFLEET can be suspended for a maximum of 6 months over the course of a 12 month period.

What does it cost to suspend my device?

When suspended, a suspended subscription fee of $10 inc GST/month applies. To unsuspend a RockFLEET a reconnection fee of $25 inc GST applies.


Can I operate the RockFLEET off the internal battery?

No. Your RockFLEET will only transmit once every hour when running off its internal battery. Your RockFLEET needs to be externally powered in order to transmit at 5min intervals and be compliant with QLD DAF VMS regulation.

How much power does the RockFLEET consume?

The RockFLEET has a maximum current draw of 500mA, typically though, the average hourly current draw is much less than 500mA as the device will be idle for most of the time.


What mounting options are available for the RockFLEET?

The RockFLEET can be mounted using a Deck Mount or a Rail Mount (Rokk Mount), both mounts are sold separately. Refer to the RockFLEET brochure for details.

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