Terms of Application

You agree that this is an application by you to Pivotel Satellite Pty Limited ABN 81 099 917 398 (‘Pivotel’) for connection to and the supply of telecommunications services (the ‘Pivotel Service’). You acknowledge that Pivotel may decline your application without providing you a reason. You agree that if your application is accepted by Pivotel your use of Pivotel Services will be according to Pivotel’s Standard Agreement (a summary of the material terms of which have been provided to you). You acknowledge that you have read the summary, which includes information relating to you discontinuing your use of Pivotel Services either prior to, at the end of, or any time after the end of your initial term. The summary also advises that fees and charges are payable by you during your agreement with Pivotel, and upon termination if you terminate before the end of your initial term. You can obtain a copy of Pivotel’s Standard Agreement from Pivotel upon request, or by visiting www.pivotel.com.au. The acknowledgement below sets out the initial term of your agreement with Pivotel. By signing below, you acknowledge that the items below have been properly explained to you and that you have read and agreed to be bound by the terms of this application and, if accepted, by Pivotel’s Standard Agreement. You acknowledge that your agreement to be bound applies even if you are attempting to port a number and the port fails. Additionally, you warrant that the information you have provided to Pivotel as set out in this application is accurate. If your application is accepted, you consent to Pivotel using your personal information in accordance with the terms of Pivotel’s Standard Agreement. Your application will be deemed accepted upon your connection to the Pivotel Service.

I have been provided a Critical Information Summary which includes a schedule of the main rates for my selected Pivotel Service Plan. I have read, understand and agree to the Pivotel Privacy Policy. I understand that my application for service is subject to the Terms of Application shown on this Service Application and the Pivotel Standard Agreement. I acknowledge that the coverage limitations have been explained. I understand there is a minimum cost associated with my application for service which includes any activation fee and the monthly charges for the minimum term of my contract.

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