SatSleeve AC Charger Recall | FAQs

What is the affected AC Adaptor?

The affected AC Adaptor is KTEC AC Adaptor model number KSAS0100500200D5. This model number is printed on the AC Adaptor label as shown.

Who got this AC Adaptor?

The affected AC Adaptor was supplied with all Thuraya SatSleeve models, including SatSleeve+, SatSleeve Hotspot, SatSleeve for iPhone and SatSleeve for Samsung Galaxy. The affected AC Adaptor was also sold as an accessory.

What is the Safety Risk?

Pivotel has become aware that the AC Adaptor’s insulated pin may crack when dropped or when subject to impact in very cold temperatures (below freezing), and expose the active pin.

Where this occurs, there is a risk of electric shock or electrocution causing injury or death. For example, electric shock or electrocution may occur if a thin metallic object such as the slat of a metal blind, blade of a knife or metal sheet was to come into contact with the active pin that was not fully engaged in the socket.

I have the affected charger. What should I do now?

You should register for the recall at You will need to provide a valid, unique, SatSleeve IMEI along with a delivery address to ship the replacement AC Adaptor.

Eligible SatSleeve users will have a replacement AC Adaptor provided free of charge, along with a pre-paid parcel bag to return the old AC Adaptor. Due to global issues in the electronics supply chain, we expect to have replacement AC adaptors available from late November 2021. The pre-paid return parcel bag will be sent along with the replacement charger.

What is an IMEI? How do I get it?

The IMEI is a unique identification number on all mobile devices including Satellite Phones. You can find your SatSleeve IMEI on the label underneath the battery.

Until I get my replacement AC Adaptor, can I use my SatSleeve?

There are a few other ways to charge your SatSleeve. If you have a 12V DC vehicle charger, that is not affected by this issue. Alternatively, the SatSleeve can be charged through the Micro USB port. The SatSleeve will charge more slowly through this port, and the port is less robust than the charging port and should be used with care.

Only the Australian pin clip is a problem - why are you replacing the whole AC Adaptor?

The Safety testing and certification applies to the entire AC Adaptor including the Australian pin clip. Replacing the entire AC Adaptor with a tested and certified AC Adaptor will ensure the most consistent safety outcome.

The Australian pin clip on my SatSleeve AC Adaptor looks just like the Australian pin clip on my other Thuraya AC Adaptors. Do they have the same problem?

Whilst the Australian pin clip is visually similar between the affected AC Adaptor and other Thuraya AC Adaptors such as those provided with the XT Lite or XT Pro, they were manufactured at different times in different batches and possibly by different manufacturers. Only the Australian clip on the affected AC Adaptor has been identified with the problem during testing. The Australian clips on other Thuraya AC Adaptors have been subject to similar testing and have not exhibited the same problem.

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